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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Criminology Of Marriage

Someone once said that marriages start in bed and end up in court. It's also true that one of the spouses can end up in court because the other one ended up in the morgue. O. J. Simpson wasn't the first, nor the last, husband to murder his wife. And wives can be just as deadly. There are women who marry rich men in order to kill them for their money. These cold-blooded killers are called Black Widows, and their weapon of choice is usually poison. Spouses have been known to commit murder on their honeymoons, quite often during ocean cruises where the victim, usually the wife, ends up with the fishes. For the husband, the most common motive for hiring a hit man to murder his estranged wife is to avoid the high cost of divorce. Moreover, men who don't want to be fathers have either killed their pregnant wives or hired someone else to do the deed. Jealous wives have been known to kill their wayward spouses out of rage, and in some cases, merely to save face. Whenever a married person is murdered, and it's not immediately clear who committed the offense, the spouse who doesn't have an airtight alibi usually becomes the first suspect. In the annals of crime, there are thousands of marital murder cases where the spouse has staged the killing to look like a suicide. And in missing persons cases where the wife has mysteriously disappeared, the experienced homicide detective will look closely at the husband. 

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  1. Unmarried lovers kill each other too. Family members kill each other. Friends kill each other. You are more likely to die at the hands of someone you know than a stranger. The safest thing to do is live in a cabin in the woods like the Unibomber and don't talk to anyone and don't have any relationships. That's what brought the Unibomber down. He had a relationship with his brother. His brother turned him in.